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In a way, because they are an older couple they reminded me of Abby and Miles from The Black Sheep which I greatly enjoyed. If only we had seen more of them I am sure that we had been gifted with some witty dialogues. Eustacie seemed a bit too young and, well, silly. There are a lot of farcical moments and if nothing else it will definitely put you in a good mood.

Ana has always been a reader. You can follow Ana on Twitter as Aneca. Celebrating Georgette Heyer — Day 05 Giveaway. Enter a chance to win one copy of The Talisman Ring , by Georgette Heyer Sourcebooks, by leaving a comment stating what intrigues you about the plot or characters, or if you have read it, which is your favorite character or scene by midnight Pacific time, Monday, September 6th, Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 7th, Shipment to continental US and Canadian addresses only. Good luck!

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Upcoming event posts. I thought it was fun and dramatic. Like Like. Love this one! I enjoy their dialogue greatly.

I liked the pacing and the plot development and thought the elements complemented each other. Ludovic and Eustacie are over the top, of course, but in a way that adds to the plot.

The Talisman Ring

This book reminds me of a more immature version of The Reluctant Widow, with many of the same plot elements even though the story is completely different! Nicky has the same headlong enthusiasms as Ludovic and Eustacie. I love the cover designs for all these source book novels, esp the one for Regency Buck which is my fave one.

Her books sound so different and imaginative.

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I love Sarah Thane; the way she plays along with Eustacie while laughing at her makes me crack up every time. Great review Ana. Being a mystery enthusiast, this novel appeals to me even though the romance is secondary. One never knows what to expect. This was my first Heyer and the one that started off my life long love of this author. I found Eustace and Ludovic very dashing and delightful, but even as a teenager I found Tristram and Sarah much more interesting, witty and amusing.

It has always remained one of my firm favourites. I really like the development of the relationships and liked the mix between romance and mystery! Where are you from, Ana? I am not a native English speaker either, but I have only read these novels in English, since there are few Spanish translations available. In fact, this is one of the first Heyers I read and the first that made me discover what a danger is to read the novels while commuting. I burst out loughing out loud with the scenes after the runners caught Sarah and Tristam outwits her.

That is one of my favourie scenes. Count me as one of the people who love this book. I prefer the older heroines, perhaps because seeing men in their thirties marry girls in their teens makes me wince. But I also thought this book very amusing. Some of the dialog between Tristam and Sarah tickles my funny bone.

The Talisman Ring

Give me Georgette Heyer anyday! I would love to see spin offs of many of her characters.

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