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Social cohesion is most commonly measured in terms of trust and common social norms
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Reader: Department of Politics and International Relations

Le loro citazioni combinate sono conteggiate solo per il primo articolo. Citazioni unite. Questo conteggio "Citato da" include citazioni ai seguenti articoli in Scholar. Aggiungi coautori Coautori. Carica PDF. PDF Ripristina Elimina per sempre. Segui questo autore. Nuovi articoli di questo autore.

Nuove citazioni di questo autore. Nuovi articoli correlati alla ricerca di questo autore. Indirizzo email per gli aggiornamenti. Il mio profilo La mia biblioteca Metriche Avvisi. University of Geneva. Email verificata su unige. Articoli Citata da Coautori. European journal of political research 22 2 , , The Blackwell companion to social movements, , European journal of political research 43 1 , , Mobilization: An International Quarterly 12 1 , , The perspective of the conference is global, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and proposals on any aspect of citizenship studies are welcome from scholars working in any discipline or interdisciplinary field.

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Questions should be directed to Marc W. Kruman, aa wayne. For more information, visit www. Identity, belonging and citizenship within the nation state are established, contested and legitimized within sites and institutions of public culture, heritage and representation. In Canada, people from diverse cultural backgrounds seek to engage with cultural, historical and social knowledge in these spaces.

While public museums have been primary sites of engagement, some people have sought to create alternative opportunities and institutional spaces to express and represent the complexities of their histories, identities, communities and places in both Canadian and global society.

The conference seeks papers that explore the roles that all types of public spaces play in the expression or contestation of different histories, different identities, and different forms of community, national and transnational citizenship. For more information, contact diversespaces gmail.

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Research Group on Demographic Dynamics

The conference theme of creating citizenship communities is particularly pertinent to citizenship and identities education. It reflects on current concerns for community cohesion from local to global scales and chimes with current initiatives around volunteering and intergenerational solidarity. Leading international academics will provide keynote presentations. For further information on registering for the conference please contact Peter Cunningham at cice londonmet.

The Diversity Conference has a history of bringing together scholarly, government and practice-based participants with an interest in the issues of diversity and community. The conference examines the concept of diversity as a positive aspect of a global world and globalised society. Diversity is in many ways reflective of our present world order, but there are ways of taking this further without necessary engendering its alternatives: racism, conflict, discrimination and inequity. Diversity as a mode of social existence can be projected in ways that deepen the range of human experience.

The conference will seek to explore the full range of what diversity means and explore modes of diversity in real-life situations of living together in community. The conference supports a move away from simple affirmations that 'diversity is good' to a much more nuanced account of the effects and uses of diversity on differently situated communities in the context of our current epoch of globalization. A follow-up conference will be held in New York in October A conference on "Negative Cosmopolitanisms: Abjection, Power, and Biopolitics" will be held at the University of Alberta October This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the array of negative cosmopolitanisms operating today, all those ways in which cosmopolitan subjects are still stigmatized, disempowered, excluded, and denied.

The conference will bring researchers together to explore the histories and constitution of cosmopolitanism past and present, with the aim of better understanding the complex experience of power today. Proposals shall consist of an abstract of words and a one-page CV. Please send applications to Dr.

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Terri Tomsky by 21 October Jackson, Jr. This volume examines the symbiotic connections among race, religion, and democracy and calls for reframing the existing discourse on democracy to reflect the mutually inclusive nature of these forces. The authors argue that race and religion can be sources for humanizing democratic possibilities and explore the relationship between democratic governance and commitments that citizens have to racial solidarities and religious beliefs around the world, including in the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South America.

This volume will appeal to students of politics and religious studies and to a multidisciplinary scholarly audience in anthropology, political sociology, and race and cultural studies. Citizenship Teaching and Learning Vol. The latest edition of the British Politics Review examines multiculturalism in Britain.

There is a special issue of the Journal of Intercultural Studies Vol. US, Britain and Australia. There is a special edition of Seminar May , no. Berkeley Electronic Press has announced a new peer-reviewed journal "Multicultural Learning and Teaching". Multicultural Learning and Teaching MLT is a multidisciplinary international journal that explores the education of people from diverse multicultural backgrounds in a variety of learning environments, inside and outside the classroom. The journal focuses on the broad implications of multicultural learning and teaching practices around the world, going beyond traditional education journals to offer analysis and practical recommendations of interest to teachers, counseling and community-service providers, school administrators, urban program specialists, education policymakers, and any professionals who grapple with questions of multicultural communication.

Edited by Festus E.

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The editors of "Global Justice: Theory, Practice and Rhetoric", an open access peer-reviewed journal published by the Global Justice Network GJN invite articles for a special issue on global justice and migration. The special issue will focus on the contribution, or not, that migration makes to redistribution of wealth across borders, and it invites contributions from scholars and practitioners across all fields e.

Interested contributors should be in touch with Dr. Patti Tamara Lenard, patti. The Lebanese Emigration Research Center LERC has opened a new "Resources" link under which we are uploading primarily historical sources on laws related to migration, citizenship, integration, and the like. We wish to encourage you to submit legal texts especially in English, French, Arabic, Armenian, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, or German that you consider relevant.

An expert Advisory Group includes Baroness Estelle Morris as well as representatives from community and educational organisations. The project aims to identify current thinking and practice in schools, explore young people's perceptions and practice, and, through the development of a focussed impact strategy encourage partnerships to be established between professionals and others.

For further information about the Creating Citizenship Communities project please email citizen york. H-Nationalism puts together the newsletter twice a year because they believe it is an excellent way for the diverse scholars interested in this topic to notify each other of their work and to keep up on recent publications in this broad field of study.

Please feel free to use the quick and convenient form below to add relevant publications of yours to the newsletter.

You do not need to be a member of H-Nationalism to use the form. They welcome references to publications written in languages other than English. MRG's PUT index identifies those peoples or groups that are most under threat of genocide, mass killing or other systematic violent repression. Since MRG has pioneered the use of statistical analysis to identify situations around the world where communities are most at risk of mass killing.

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